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Wasp Removal & Bee Relocation Services

BeeMan Stan, serving Florida’s West Coast and the surrounding areas, is here to help anyone with a bee, wasp, or yellow jacket problem. We’ll take care of the stinging insects around your business or home. Reduce the risk of being stung by having BeeMan Stan do it for you.

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Pest Services, Bee Removal, Yellow Jacket, Wasp Removal in Sarasota, FL

We provide the pest services you need to get rid of stinging insects in Sarasota.

Pest Services in Sarasota – At BeeMan Stan, we understand that having bees at your home or business can be a cause for concern. Do you try to take care of the problem yourself, or do you call in someone who can get rid of these biting bugs for good? When you work with our professional team, you will find that we provide all the bee removal services you need to get rid of bees without worrying that you’ll be a casualty in the process.
  • Residential & Commercial – Because bees don’t know the difference between homes and businesses, we provide both residential and commercial bee removal to meet your needs. No matter where you may find a wasp nest or bee hive, we’ll be happy to help.
  • Safe & Effective – By using eco-friendly products and procedures that safely and effectively remove bees, we can ensure that we save the bees and your property all at one time.
  • Quarterly Treatments – If you consistently have issues at your property, or if you’ d like to take action towards prevention, we offer quarterly treatments that can help deter wasps, yellow jackets and other stinging insects from taking up residence. This ensures you have long-term results and peace of mind! Our pest services include hornet removal, yellow jacket removal, wasp removal and bee removal in Sarasota, Florida. Contact us at BeeMan Stan today to learn more or to schedule bee removal services for your property.

Professional Bee Removal Services

Live bee removal saves the bees and is environmentally necessary. It’s also a difficult job. The job entails removing siding and soffit material to access the bee colony and remove the honeycombs. We also apply appropriate products to prevent the return of bees, wasps, and yellow jackets. Appropriate exclusion work keeps a colony from reestablishing a home in that area again.

Yellow Jacket or Wasp Removal and Treatment

Wasps and yellow jackets are often found when mowing grass or moving equipment. Yellow jackets live in the ground near thickly wooded areas and around bushes, while wasps are usually found under eaves. Removal and treatment includes suiting up and proper treatment, as well as removing all the job related debris. If you notice wasps or yellow jackets, call us.

Quarterly Service for Your Convenience

Make sure you keep pesky wasps and yellow jackets away all year with our quarterly treatments. We’ll knock down all nests and spray the eaves of your home with an eco-friendly product. We will inspect the perimeter of your property and prohibit the further intrusion of stinging insects. This prevents them from rebuilding nests. We ensure that all wasps and yellow jackets are eradicated by the time we’re done.

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At BeeMan Stan Bee Removal, we offer pest services for customers in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota, Lakeland, Bradenton, Brandon, and Winter Haven, Florida.

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