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Bee Control

Discovering a beehive on your St. Petersburg, Florida home can be a little disconcerting. While you may fear getting stung, you do not want to kill an entire colony of bees, and this can cause an internal conflict you may not know how to resolve. If you’re wondering what the most effective options are for bee control that won’t harm the bees or your property, call us today!

Honeybees are disappearing at an alarming rate, posing a real risk to the environment. At BeeMan Stan, we don’t exterminate bee colonies to get rid of your bee problem. We believe there is a better and more humane approach to bee control.

With BeeMan Stan, you can expect safe and effective bee control solutions because we’re passionate about helping save the bees – and helping you. We’ll take the sting for you! With over 30 years of experience in contracting, we have first-hand knowledge of how to remove bee colonies from your property with minimal damage to your home.

If your bee problem has you worried about the safety of your family, call us at BeeMan Stan for bee control that is focused on protecting bees by removing and relocating the bee colony to another location. We’ll take the proper precautions to ensure that after removal of the colony, your property is treated with the appropriate solutions that will prevent bees from ever building a hive in the future. We offer a one-year warranty for all beehive removal services for your comfort and satisfaction.