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Wasp Removal

Wasps are aggressive insects by nature, and they are prone to attack and sting if provoked. Here’s why you should never attempt wasp removal at your St. Petersburg, Florida home alone:

  1. A Wasp Nest Can Have Up to 10,000 Wasps Inside! You may think wasp removal is easy as pie, and decide that you’re going to knock down a wasp nest with a long pole to get it off of your property. Without professional inspection, you have no way to determine if your wasp nest in inactive or if it’s filled with wasps ready to sting. A wasp nest can have up to 10,000 wasps inside making wasp removal a very dangerous process without the right precautions.
  2. Wasps Have Unique Hiding Places. At BeeMan Stan, we have the experience to be able to safely and effectively locate wasp nests on your property, taking the proper precautions for safety when it comes to wasp removal. You may think you’ve removed the source of your wasp nest, but many wasps live under eaves and hide in the grass or in mowing equipment. Stepping on a wasp nest will trigger a chemical signal that they are under attack, and they will swarm and sting. Call us today to schedule a thorough wasp removal that will keep you and your family safe!
  3. Chemical Treatments for Wasp Removal Can Harm You. The chemical treatments most commonly used for wasp removal are detrimental to the environment, as well as your family. Children and pets are especially vulnerable when exposed to these dangerous chemicals. At BeeMan Stan, we offer peace of mind with our wasp removal services by relocating the wasp nest instead of using harmful chemicals to exterminate them.

Call us today to handle your wasp removal safely and effectively.