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What You Should Know About Yellow Jacket Removal

For many people, stinging insects are undesirable when they create a nest on your property, although some are more tolerable than others. Yellow jackets, however, are stinging insects you definitely want to avoid. Unlike bees and wasps, which usually mind their own business unless provoked, yellow jackets are aggressive insects. In fact, they are even more aggressive than hornets, so if you find them on your property, calling for yellow jacket removal is an urgent matter.

Here are several things you should know about yellow jacket removal:

  • You shouldn’t approach the nest. Only trained professionals should approach the nest for yellow jacket removal. Yellow jackets can and will attack to protect their queen. They can sting and bite, so do not approach the nest at all. Stay far away, and if you have to be anywhere in its vicinity, only act at night when the yellow jackets are less active. Still, it’s better not to go anywhere near the area where the nest is located until it has been professionally removed.
  • Don’t use store-bought insecticides. Generally speaking, insecticides you can get at the store are not very effective. In this case, spraying yellow jackets with insecticides will likely anger them and put you in harm’s way. Instead, just wait for professionals who have the proper products and equipment to handle the problem.
  • You should take preventative measures following removal. Once yellow jackets are no longer a problem at your property, you want to keep it that way. Do your best to eliminate anything that might encourage their return. For example, don’t leave food outside. Keep a tight lid on your garbage can and eliminate standing water.