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professional bee removal service to take care of the problem

Are you suffering from a bee infestation inside your home? If so, you’ve probably realized that you need a professional bee removal service to take care of the problem. It’s important to always call an experienced bee removal company in these situations to ensure that your bee infestation fully dissolves, and no harm and danger will come upon you and your loved ones. A bee removal service inside the home can be tricky, so here’s what to expect from your bee removal service.

  • Determine the exact location of the colony of bees.
  • Create a way to prevent the bees from traveling to other places of the home.
  • Carefully remove clear objects and remove drywall to access the bees.
  • Remove the bees (live) and their honeycomb/hive.
  • Implement bee proofing to prevent bees from accessing the area in the future.
  • Replace drywall.
  • Transfer and relocate bees safely.

At BeeMan Stan, we will take a sting for you. If you’re not experienced with beekeeping or how to remove a hive, always call a professional. It’s not worth the risk to worsen a situation with bees, especially in your home. Additionally, it’s common for customers to be concerned about the bee population and what we do with the bees after we remove them from your property. Rest assured that we transfer bees to a new environment rather than kill the bees. If you have any questions regarding our bee removal services, or other services we provide, please contact us today!