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Wasp Removal Although our wasp removal services are extremely effective and thorough, if you have a wasp problem, you probably want to know what you could have done to prevent it and to keep wasps from nesting on your property again in the future. To keep wasps away and to prevent the need for wasp removal, we have a few helpful tips to offer:

  • Look for nests–In the early spring, check your garden and home for nests. During this time of the year, wasp nests will be about the size of a golf ball. They are also most likely to appear in cavity walls, lofts, sheds, garages, and under eaves.
  • Secure trash bins–Throughout your property, make sure the lids on any waste bins are tightly shut. This will keep wasps from being attracted to the contents of the waste bins and deciding to nest nearby.
  • Keep your windows and doors shut—To prevent the need for wasp removal services, keep all of your windows and doors shut as frequently as possible. Doing this will keep wasps from trying to get into your house and causing painful stings.
  • Seek wasp removal services early on–During the wasp removal process, smaller nests that are in the early stages of development are much easier to get rid of than larger, fully developed nests. At the first sign of a nest, make sure you give us a call to come and take care of the problem.