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Wasp Removal: How to Stay Safe While You Wait for Professionals

While you may not be a fan of stinging insects of any kind, you’re probably more inclined to avoid wasps than, say, bees. Unlike bees, wasps can sting more than once, and people who get stung multiple times may develop an allergy to wasps if they don’t have one already. Not all wasps will be aggressive towards you, though they may be territorial when it comes to their nests, but you still want to avoid them as much as possible. That means you need to call a professional for wasp removal if you notice their presence.

Only trained professionals should attempt wasp removal. While you wait for them to arrive, here are a few tips for staying safe from the wasps:

  • Keep your distance- The best thing you can do while you wait for wasp removal is just stay far away from the wasps. Don’t go near the nest. That means you’ll want to stay inside if the nest is in your yard and leave the house if you suspect or know the nest is inside the house, such as inside the garage or walls. Putting distance between you and the wasps greatly lowers or eliminates your risk.
  • Wear light clothing- Wasps may react defensively to dark colors like black or brown, while they may be attracted to bright, spring colors like yellow and pink. If you have to venture into your yard and there’s a wasp nest nearby, wear white instead of these colors.
  • Don’t swat- Swatting at wasps is never a good idea, even though it may be instinctual for you to shoo them away. If you threaten them, they’ll likely retaliate, so stay calm and, as we mentioned before, just stay far away if you can.