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Wasp Nest Removal Should Be Left to The ProsAs a homeowner, you probably know how frustrating wasp infestations can be. Wasps tend to dig in; within days, a small wasp colony can grow into a massive nest with thousands of wasps. If you ever encounter that situation, you will most probably find yourself considering the most efficient wasp nest removal technique out there.

As the pros, we understand this frustration and find your desire for urgent wasp removal completely understandable. However, DIY methods such as torching or scrubbing the nest can pose significant challenges and risks.

  • Safety risk. Wasps tend to go on the defensive when attacked. And unlike bees, their stingers don’t detach when they sting, meaning they can do so repeatedly. A wasp attack could leave you in pain or even the hospital if you attempt to remove them without the right equipment.
  • Risk of re-infestation. Secondly, wasps can really dig in. If you have a crack in your foundation or between your walls, wasps will use it to their advantage. They will fortify the interior of their nest by extending it into these hard-to-reach crevices. Without the proper tools, you’ll probably only remove a small exterior chunk, exposing yourself to another infestation.
  • Equipment challenge. Wasp nest removal is a delicate job that requires certain tools, equipment, and a significant level of expertise. It requires the individual to suit up with protective equipment to minimize the chances of getting stung in an inadvertent wasp attack.

At BeeMan Stan Bee Removal, we have completed over 1,000 successful bee, wasp, hornet, and yellow jacket removals. We can handle any complicated job, including wasp nest removal in inaccessible areas on your property. If you have a wasp problem, please don’t hesitate to call in the pros today.