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protect yourself from hornet stings

At BeeMan Stan, we know that no one wants to have to deal with hornets on their property. Hornet stings are not only painful but can have serious or even life-threatening consequences for those with allergies to their venom. If you notice hornets on your property and want to try getting rid of them yourself, here are some tips from our professionals:

  • Find the Nest- All hornet removal starts with locating the nest. Common locations for hornet nests include under the roof awning or behind your shutters, in hollow tree trunks or in stacked wood, on fence posts or even in children’s playsets. If you don’t spot the nest any of these places, check for them hanging from tree branches, and carefully search your lawn for mulched areas, as hornets also build nests underground. If you still can’t find it, you can always turn to our team at BeeMan Stan.
  • Avoid Stings- Once you successfully locate the nest, you’re ready for the hard part of hornet removal, namely to avoid being stung in the process. To protect yourself from hornet stings in your battle against them, keep these safety tips in mind. First, make sure you’re wearing appropriate clothing, including long sleeves and gloves, that will cover as much skin as possible. Second, treat the nest in the evening or early morning, when the insects are less likely to be active. Most commercial pesticides for hornets can be sprayed from a distance, so be sure to stand away from the nest, out of range of angry insects, and make sure not to spray against the wind. Finally, have a buddy with you while you treat the nest in case of emergencies–this would be a bad time to discover an allergy.

Our team at BeeMan Stan wishes you success on your hornet removal mission. For those who want to be sure they get effective pest treatment that will banish hornets from your property forever, you can always call on our professionals to give you the best service and restore your peace of mind.