reasons you may want to consider calling in pest services

We know how annoying, frustrating, and even dangerous it can be to deal with bees, hornets, or other pests around your home. Stings from these insects are painful to anyone but can be life-threatening to those with allergies to their venom. Risk of allergic reaction is just one of many reasons why using professional pest services to take care of your insect problem is often a smarter call than trying to deal with it yourself. Here are some other reasons you may want to consider calling in pest services:

  • Risk- As mentioned, dealing with stinging insects carries potential health risks. Our technicians at BeeMan Stan have the right safety equipment to protect themselves while they remove the offending pests from your property. In addition, working with powerful pesticides can also pose danger to those who aren’t experienced with using them or don’t have the right equipment to apply them as directed. Our pest services team has the training necessary to stay safe from pesticides and to use them in a way that won’t do harm to any other wildlife or pets.
  • Identification- Another advantage that professional pest services have over laymen is that they can readily identify the type of insect creating the problem and use the appropriate tools to get rid of them effectively. Unless you spend a lot of time studying wasps and hornets, it is typically difficult to tell one from another, and you may have to attempt many elimination methods before you hit on one that works. Our team at BeeMan Stan will know the right solution the first time.
  • Cost- Another factor in favor of professional pest services is cost. While you may think it’s cheaper to just buy your own pesticide, in reality you may waste money trying to find one that succeeds in getting rid of your particular pests. You may also have to apply the treatment multiple times because your first attempt wasn’t as thorough as a professional’s would be. Not only will our team know the right pesticide to use right away, but we’ll have it on hand in bulk, and we’ll apply it effectively the first time.

If you are dealing with wasps or other pests in your home, don’t hesitate to give our team at BeeMan Stan a call.