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Things You Shouldn't Do When You Need Wasp Nest Removal

It is understandable to feel nervous when you think you have a wasp nest. However, it is important that instead of being overly worried, you take careful action. Here are a few basics to avoid when you need wasp nest removal:

  • Hitting the hive: While wasps have a reputation for being very aggressive, the truth is that it is very unlikely for them to attack in mass unless you provoke the hive. Avoiding this is as simple as not hitting or throwing things at their nest and teaching your children and teens to do the same.
  • Follow the same path: Wasps will likely have a common flight path that they take to the hive. If you can avoid this path, you are less likely to come in contact with a wasp.
  • Swatting a calm wasp: If an unprovoked wasp lands on you, just try your best to stay still. Jerking around or trying to swat them away will increase your chances of being stung.
  • Leaving out soda cans: Wasps are particularly attracted to canned soda and other soft drinks. If you don’t want wasps on your soda can, keep them away from the nest.
  • Remove them yourself: Most importantly, when you need wasp nest removal, it is best to call the professionals. Here at BeeMan Stan, we have the proper training and equipment to perform your wasp nest removal safely and effectively without provoking the wasps.

While you may feel nervous about the wasp nest you’ve recently discovered, there is no need to worry when you call us BeeMan Stan for wasp nest removal.