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These Signs Indicate That You Have a Bee ProblemSome types of bees, like honey bees, are an essential part of our ecosystems. They play a key role in pollinating our crops, thus contributing to global food security. Nevertheless, other types of bees are dangerous, and when a colony establishes a hive on your property, you may be exposed to various safety and noise issues. If you have a good eye (or ear) for such things, you’ll probably be quick to notice that you have a bee problem. But what about when the infestation is not easily identifiable?

There are a few signs that indicate your home has a bee problem:

  • Visible damage to your home’s exterior. Beehives can be quite heavy. As a result, they can distend your soffits or ceilings as the hive’s weight pulls them down. Furthermore, you may also observe bored holes in your wooden finishes. This scenario is most commonly observed during a carpenter bee infestation.
  • An unusually large number of bees around your home. You might be used to a bee or two in your garden, but not dozens at a time. Additionally, when the number of bees is enough to cause audible buzzing, you probably have a bee problem in or around your home.
  • Stained walls, ceilings, soffits, and floors. Have you observed any unexplained dark sports in any of the places mentioned? If yes, then chances are there is an active honey bee hive somewhere in your home that’s leaking honey. Honey is good for our bodies, but you can’t say the same for wooden finishes and drywall.

If you observe any of these signs or would like to know more about bee infestations and how to keep your property safe, call us today.