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The Importance of Live Honey Bee RemovalWhen it comes to food production, honey bees are our allies. Not only do they provide us with nourishing honey, but they also aid in pollinating our food crops. However, you may sometimes encounter unwanted beehives in your yard or under your home’s eaves. In such instances, honey bee removal becomes necessary.

Although honey bees are not innately aggressive creatures like wasps, they will defend their home if they feel threatened. Their dreaded stings will also leave you with physical discomfort. If honey bees have taken up residence in or near your home, the only option becomes honey bee removal.

As environmentally conscious professionals, we strongly advise against extermination of honey bees. Honey bees are a keystone species, meaning that exterminating them seriously threatens our ecosystems and farmlands. For instance, they pollinate roughly a third of all the food we consume globally. By choosing live honey bee removal, you will help ensure that our farms and vegetation are productive. Furthermore, the flowers in your garden will keep sprouting so long as a few honey bees keep visiting.

Live honey bee removal also minimizes the possibility of new hives forming in the future. This is especially true if you involve us in the process. We take great care to preserve the hive and honeycombs during removal and relocation. Also, we don’t leave any job-related debris behind that might attract new bees. Materials such as leftover wax have an attractive scent that may exacerbate your honey bee situation if left behind.

At BeeMan Stan Bee Removal, we are committed to environmental protection. We always use environmentally friendly products and techniques during live honey bee removal. If you have a honey bee issue, please call us today.