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Wasp Removal in Clearwater, Florida
Besides wasps themselves, you’ll be hard-pressed to find many people who actually like wasps! After all, they can attack in swarms, they’re venomous, and their colonies can grow to enormous proportions before humans are made aware of their existence. Before you start wearing a beekeeping suit all over your property for safety reasons, our team at BeeMan Stan would like to help you learn a little bit more about wasp removal.

The first step in wasp removal is knowing how to recognize their nests. Wasp nests are not like your typical beehives that you see in cartoons with stuffed bears. Rather than triangular in shape, wasp nests are spherical. They have an exterior that looks something like gray tissue paper that has been pasted together in small strips. These nests are incredibly delicate on the outside, but the inside houses a series of sturdy honeycombs that house the wasp eggs to maturation.

The next step is knowing where wasp nests are typically built, so you can keep an eye out for them before the nest becomes a problem. Wasps love sweet smells, so it’s very common to find nests near flowering or fruiting trees or bushes. They will also build their nests anywhere that is well-protected from the elements.

Lastly, wasp removal needs to be done by a professional. The reason that wasps can swarm is that when one wasp is harmed, they send off a signal to their fellow wasps that acts like a battle cry. Wasps don’t hesitate to sting, and enough stings can harm or prove fatal to anyone, even those without a bee allergy.

If you are concerned about a developing or existing nest, call BeeMan Stan today!