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Protecting Pollinators: How to Ensure a Successful Bee Relocation

Bee conservation is essential in responsible stinging insect pest control. However, when bees move into your home or make their hive near your kids’ outdoor play area, you need a solution. At BeeMan Stan Bee Removal, we prioritize protecting pollinators while getting them out of your space. Here’s how we ensure a successful bee relocation:

  • Know the bees. Identifying the bee species is an important first step in moving the colony. Different species of bees require varying environmental factors to thrive in their hives. Extensive knowledge and understanding of bee needs, habits, and habitats are essential to a successful bee relocation.
  • Know the rules. A successful bee moving must account for local area regulations as well as the requirements of the bee species. This often requires relationships with landowners, local environmental regulators, and, of course, the bees themselves. Respecting the bees’ needs to thrive as well as regulations and landowners ensures a beneficial bee relocation for everyone.
  • Know the gear. Bee relocators are armed with the right equipment for the job. From protective uniforms to bee boxes to honeycomb retrieval tools, bee relocation requires a specific technique to effectively move bees to a new home.
  • Know the process. Bee relocation is a challenging job. Hive and honeycomb removal can be cumbersome, and safely transporting the hive to a new location involves care and attention. If you have a beehive in your walls or attached to your home, proper treatment should also be implemented to prevent bees from reestablishing hives in the area.

If you have a bee problem, it’s best to call on the professionals. Contact us today.