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Pest Services: Signs That it’s Time to Call in a Professional

With so many online videos and DIY articles on the internet, sometimes it is difficult to tell if it is time to call in a professional when it comes to pest services. Purchasing products at the store to try and rid your property of wasps and bees really adds up, and often times the process is not effective because homeowners don’t fully recognize the root cause or source of the problem. Here are some indicators of when it’s time to call in professional pest services:

  • Damage to Property. Often times, bee or wasp problems can go unnoticed, and the first sign that there is a problem is when you discover property damage. Wood damage can be caused when a wasp nests grows and absorbs moisture that penetrates surrounding surfaces. 
  • You Have an Allergy to Stings. A wasp or bee nest will grow if left alone, and the more insects there are, the bigger the risk that you will be stung. When a wasp is threatened, it releases a pheromone to the rest of the colony, which could lead to stings from many wasps.
  • Very Aggressive Species. Chances are, you don’t know the type of insect you are dealing with, and some of them can become very aggressive, hindering your ability to enjoy your yard or even walk up the front steps without being threatened. 
  • The Nest is Not Easily Found or Accessible. If you have been unable to find the nest or it is in a place that is difficult to access such as under a slab of concrete or high up under the eaves of your home, it can be difficult and/or dangerous to attempt to remove it yourself and is best left to pest services.

If you notice that you have a wasp or bee problem and are in need of pest services, please give us a call at BeeMan Stan Bee Removal today!