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Pest Services

Are you constantly annoyed by pests whenever you want to do something fun on your property, such as host a BBQ?  Although hornets, bees, yellow jackets and wasps may all seem similar, each has distinguishing characteristics, and each can cause a great amount of pain when they sting.  We’re not here to teach you all of the differences between the categories of these pests, but we are here to offer you our pest services when you encounter a pest infestation. We can help to rid you of it, and you can host that BBQ or other event with confidence that nothing traumatic will happen, at least not due to stinging pests.

When you find yourself faced with a pest infestation, you know that getting rid of the creatures can be tricky.  Even when you try commonly available pest control methods, the wasps, hornets, yellow jackets or bees keep coming.  Not only that, but you have found yourself scared, thanks to being mercilessly chased by one or more of the pests.

At BeeMan Stan, we offer pest services that will take care of your pest problem quickly and effectively.  When we get rid of them, they are gone for good.  In addition to ridding you of the bees, wasps, hornets or yellow jackets, we’ll also get rid of their nests, so they won’t keep coming back.  However, since bees are so important to keeping plants growing, we’ll be sure that our removal methods will save the bees so they can continue with their important work elsewhere.

If the idea of pest services sounds enticing, contact us.  We can help you to enjoy your yard, hosting parties and any other events, without the uninvited pests.