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Wasp Removal

Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried to tackle a wasp problem yourself.  How did it go for you?  There are lots of methods for performing DIY wasp removal if you simply do a quick internet search on the topic.  These methods range from spraying them with soapy water, to actually removing the nest in a bag yourself.  While all of the illustrations depict a beautiful, safe wasp removal experience, where no wasps are present, you’ve probably discovered that in real life, DIY wasp removal is quite a bit riskier, thanks to those wasps that won’t leave the nest alone, even when, and most likely because, you’re trying to get rid of it.

If you’re tired of the wasps that aren’t afraid of you, yet want to get rid of them for good, it’s time to call in our qualified, skilled and effective wasp removal team.  Effectively getting rid of wasps means that you mustn’t have any fear of them– a healthy respect, yes, but no fear.  This means that when we come to perform wasp removal, we are dressed in protective clothing, we have the proper equipment, and we locate the nest and remove it so that wasps won’t be in pursuit of us, or of you.  Once the wasps have been safely removed, there are some steps you can take to help prevent any new wasps from making themselves at home in yours.  For example, you can make sure you’ve put away all food containing protein or sugars.  Another wasp prevention method is to avoid wearing bright colors or floral perfumes, since both of these attract wasps.

When you’re ready for quality wasp removal services, contact us at BeeMan Stan.  We’ll help to remove the wasps and save you the trouble of pain caused by ineffective DIY was removal attempts.  Contact us today.