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Yellow Jacket Removal

As you were mowing the lawn, you may have come across any number of interesting pests.  One of the strangest stories involving mowing the lawn recounts mowing over a rattlesnake. Thankfully, the chances of doing that are relatively slim. However, if you’re worried about what trouble lawn mowing may stir up, you probably know that you are more likely to inadvertently disturb a nest of yellow jackets when performing this rather mundane, yet necessary task.  If this is the case for you, rather than letting your fears control you, leading to a shaggy and unkempt lawn, take heart.  We have the ability to safely perform yellow jacket removal from your property, which means you can safely mow the lawn, which also means you have no more excuses for not getting it done.

Safe yellow jacket removal involves more than simply grabbing a can of yellow jacket spray, spraying the nest and running away as fast as you can.  In fact, if this has been your preferred method, you’re probably familiar with the pain that comes with stings, the ferocity of the attacks that focused, home-defending yellow jackets carry out, and the sheer impossibility of getting rid of them completely.  If your hypothesis and experiments for yellow jacket removal haven’t quite panned out, call on us to complete the task instead.

At BeeMan Stan, we have the knowledge, experience and equipment needed to safely perform thorough yellow jacket removal. The best news? When you call on us to take care of your yellow jacket problem, we’ll get rid of the yellow jackets you have and ensure that they won’t come back to bother you again.  Once you’ve had us perform our services, you can go ahead and mow your lawn with all the confidence in the world.  You’ve got this.  Your property will look amazing, and you’ll feel safe without the hassle of yellow jacket pursuit.