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How to Prevent Your Property From Having a Bee Problem

Bees are a very critical part of our world– without them, growing fruits and vegetables would become difficult or even impossible. While we must protect and encourage the pollination and honey production that bees provide, it can be difficult when they try to take over your home or business. There are a few things you can do to discourage a bee problem from happening:

  • Reduce Clutter. The more sheltered places there are available, the higher the chance a swarm of bees will choose your yard to build a nest. Keep your yard clean and free of old appliances, furniture, non-functional cars, or piles of wood. Keep your barbeque grill covered.
  • Caulk and Install Screens. Seal all openings that are larger than a quarter of an inch so that bees cannot enter. Laundry or stove vents and chimneys should be checked for gaps.
  • Treatment for Scout Bees. Scout bees search for a potential nesting spot, and when you eliminate the scout bees, they can’t inform the swarm, so it moves on to another location.
  • Remove Old Honeycombs. If you have had a previous bee nest, pheromone scents left on the honeycomb can attract a new swarm, which can quickly develop into a bee problem.
  • Non-Flowering Plants. Bees are attracted to flowering plants, so evergreens and other types of non-flowering plants should be placed near your home and flowering plants placed farther away.

If you think you may have a bee problem and are interested in speaking with a professional, please give us a call at BeeMan Stan Bee Removal today!