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Honey bee removal involves several steps

At BeeMan Stan, we understand that no one wants to deal with bees in their home. For many, having honey bees out in their yard can be a blessing, as they are great for gardens and will ensure bountiful blooms. However, even if they are honey bees, having a hive of stinging insects in your walls is still less than ideal, to put it mildly. If you discover a colony of bees in your home, call our team at BeeMan Stan for our professional honey bee removal services.

Honey bee removal involves several steps. At BeeMan Stan, we do everything possible to remove the colony alive and intact and relocate it to a more suitable location where the bees will do some good. We first identify where the colony has established itself in your home. Next, we remove the bees themselves. This step can require cutting into the walls or other structures in order to get to the hive.

We use techniques that will not exterminate the bees, but simply remove them so that they can continue to serve their important role in the ecosystem somewhere else. Once the bees are removed, our team will clear out any remaining honeycomb and thoroughly clean the area, as well as apply a treatment that will discourage bees from nesting there in the future. Once this is done, we will restore your home to its former state, so that there is no sign of any damage.

We are committed to effective honey bee removal that both preserves the bee colony and restores your home. If you have bees in your home, call our team to take them to a new one.