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How Are Pest Services Different for Stinging Insects?

Pest services usually look about the same in different places and for different insects. The process for eliminating them often involves inspection, identification of the species, extermination, and prevention. But while there are certain things you will come to expect from pest services, these aren’t always the same when it comes to stinging insects.

Stinging insects, specifically bees, wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets, often require a different approach, and we would like to touch on what makes pest services for these types of insects different.

  • Protective gear- Where many pests pose a threat to human health because they may spread diseases, stinging insects can be more directly threatening. For example, about 5% of the population will experience an allergic reaction to a bee sting in their lifetime. Some allergic reactions include symptoms like hives and itching, while some are more severe and may result in anaphylactic shock. For these reasons, it is vital for pest professionals to wear the proper protective gear while removing stinging insects, more so than for other pest services.
  • Relocation may be preferred- Plenty of stinging insects are important pollinators. If they were to disappear, the ecosystem would be affected, so relocation may be preferred over extermination in some cases. For instance, honey bees and bumble bees should often be moved elsewhere instead of eliminated through pest services.

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