Hornet Nest Removal: How to Get Rid of These Pests for Good

The term “hornet’s nest” has been around for many years and is used when any sort of dangerous situation presents itself. The name “hornet” is given to the largest type of wasps, which are very aggressive in behavior, often stinging repeatedly if their nest is threatened. If you have found a literal hornet’s nest near your home or business, you may be wondering how you can get rid of it once and for all. Hornet nest removal can best be achieved with the following methods.

  • Spray and Remove. Insecticides are effective when used correctly. Soak the nest early in the morning or at dusk when the hornets are less active. Leave it for a few days to ensure all of the hornets are dead, and then discard the nest. Clean up the area with soap and water. Nests are often found in sheltered locations such as under eaves and rafters, in attics, on outdoor light fixtures or in leafy trees.
  • Fill a bucket or other container with vinegar, sugar water, and a small amount of mild dish soap and place it where hornets are likely to build a nest. Hornets are attracted to the mixture and will get trapped and drowned. Be sure to replace the solution on a regular basis.
  • Bag it. If you discover a nest that is growing on a low tree branch or in your bushes, place a plastic garbage back underneath and then use trimmers to cut the branch so the nest falls into the bag. Fill the bag with insecticide and dispose of it immediately. Be sure to wear protective clothing when attempting this method in order to prevent stings. 
  • Hire a Professional. The safest and most effective way to achieve hornet nest removal is to hire our pest removal service. We can identify the type of pest as well as the nesting area and will exterminate the hornets while ensuring they don’t come back.

If you are intimidated by trying to remove a hornet’s nest yourself and find you are in need of hornet nest removal, please give us a call at BeeMan Stan Bee Removal today!