Honey Bee Removal: How to Evict the Bees Without Killing Them
Honey bees are very important because they pollinate the crops of food we need to survive and produce the honey that so many of us love to eat. The number of honey bees in the world is dwindling, and because of this, it is best to relocate them to a new home without killing them. Here are a few honey bee removal techniques that you can try yourself.

  • Citronella Candles. If you have a beehive somewhere inside your home, such as the attic or inside a wall, burning a citronella candle for a few days is likely to get them to move out, and it won’t harm them. Choose a day when it is not raining or windy, as the bees will not leave if the conditions outside are bad.
  • Smoke Them Out. Honey bee removal can be a challenge, and smoke is probably the most effective way to keep bees away from your home. Honey bees are very sensitive to smell, and the smell of smoke warns them of danger, causing them to leave. Build a fire that emits a lot of smoke by using cardboard and dry firewood and place it right under the beehive. They will become aggressive when agitated, so light the fire and watch it burn from inside your home.
  • If you want honey bees to remain in your yard but not near your home, cinnamon may be the answer, as honey bees do not like the smell. You will need to spread the cinnamon over the areas where you don’t want the bees to build a nest. Daily application for about a week should be effective to discourage them in places like your porch or backyard deck.

If you have tried these methods but have not been successful in your honey bee removal attempt, please give us a call at BeeMan Stan Bee Removal today!