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Bee Removal A few bees roaming around your yard, especially near your garden, are nothing to worry about. However, how do you know when the population of bees surrounding your property is above average and you should start looking for a hive?

Here are a few signs that indicate you have a bee problem and you’re going to need to turn to us for bee removal services:

  • Lots of bees are present–Although this one may seem obvious, having more bees than usual flying around your yard is a big sign that you need bee removal services. Pay attention to whether there are tons of bees in your yard on one day and they seem to go away the next, or if the number of bees flying around your yard seems to stay consistent.
  • Check your attic and walls–Honey bees love to build their nests inside walls or attics. If you are concerned that you need bee removal services, carefully check the areas surrounding your home’s exterior walls and attic to see if you can locate the hive.
  • Follow the flight of the bees–One of the best ways to determine if you need bee removal services is to track the way the bees are flying. Oftentimes, bees will head out to their destination and then go back to their nest within a brief period of time. If several bees seem to be traveling back in one direction, this is a sign that they may be going back to the same hive.