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Hornet removal is serious business. At BeeMan Stan, we take special precautions against the risks involved with these aggressive insects to ensure your safety. If you’re not familiar with hornets, here are 3 things you should take into consideration:

  1. Hornet Stings Hurt . . . A Lot. The venom in a hornet contains a large amount of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that stimulates pain receptors, heightening the pain felt from the sting and venom of hornet stings. That means hornet stings hurt more than a sting from a wasp or a bee.
  2. A Hornet Can Sting Again and Again. Unlike bees, hornets can also sting you repeatedly.  Ouch. While hornet venom isn’t considered toxic to humans, the sheer size of a hornet is what makes the hornet especially scary, since they release more venom per sting than all other insects. For people with allergies to bees, hornet stings can be every bit as lethal.
  3. Hornets Are Very Aggressive. You may think an easy solution for hornet removal  is to knock down their nest. But hornets, like wasps, are very aggressive insects and if their hive is damaged, they will emit a pheromone chemical response that will alert all of the hornets of a threat and mobilize the entire colony to swarm and attack you.

If you’ve discovered an active hornet nest on your St. Petersburg, Florida property, call us at BeeMan Stan for safe and humane hornet removal. We’re fully licensed and insured and provide a 1-year warranty on all our hornet removal services.