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Do You Have a Bee Problem? Here’s How We Can Help

Here at BeeMan Stan Bee Removal, we understand and value the importance of bees in our world, but we also know that there are many places where we don’t want them. If you have a bee problem, such as bees inside your walls, invading your property, or causing property damage, we can help you. With our knowledge of safe bee removal and our prevention techniques, we can have bees gone from your property and promise they won’t return.

  • Preventive Measures – The most effective way to keep bees and other stinging insects from your property is to take preventative measures to keep them at bay. We recommend our quarterly service to help with your bee problem. We inspect your home and can help you seal any entry points to prevent bees from entering your home.
  • Safe Bee Removal – If you have a bee infestation or a nest where it shouldn’t be, we can safely remove the bees without killing them or harming their hive. After we’ve safely removed the bees, we use ecofriendly sprays to ensure the bees won’t return to build a new nest.
  • Knowledge of Construction – We have years of experience working in home construction, so we know exactly what to do if there is a beehive in your walls. We can safely evict the bees without causing damage to your home and can help restore your walls back to their original state.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you have a bee problem. We can help answer your questions about our safe and effective bee control.