Bees in House in Clearwater, Florida
While most of us don’t mind bees out in nature and in their own element, things become a little more personal when they start invading our homes! Having bees in your house can be unnerving for any number of reasons, at here at BeeMan Stan, we are here to help you remove those bees and give you some tips so that they won’t come back.

Many people are baffled that a beehive could grow to such large proportions within a wall or other seemingly tiny place, but the truth is that beehives don’t start with thousands of bees. Beehives start with a few bees, a queen and a small access point where she can safely develop her nest and lay eggs. That can be anywhere with an opening of about 5/16 of an inch that is safe from the elements. If you have any kind of uncaulked hole in your home, that leaves you exposed to a perfect bee starter home! Once the hive has grown, professional removal becomes necessary.

Our professionals at BeeMan Stan can safely remove the bees in your house, so that you can feel confident they are completely gone. Sometimes, this can necessitate the removal of sections of siding, wall, or other parts of the structure in order to get all of the hive. Our owner and founder, Stan, has over 30 years of experience in construction and working with bees, so you know that he will do the work in such a way that will cause the least amount of damage to your home while removing all the bees from your home.

Once the bees are gone, we can show you the vulnerable areas in your home that would attract a bee to nest. If you have any questions about bees in your house, we would love to talk to you!