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Wasp Removal & Bee Relocation Services
Being outdoors during the warmer months of the year can be a great time to enjoy your yard, play a game of basketball with your kids, do some gardening, or have a backyard BBQ with friends. All of these activities can be quickly ruined, however, if you have a pest problem! Here at BeeMan Stan, we want you to be able to make the most of the outdoors this summer by helping you distinguish between the most common types of nuisance pests and offer our pest services should you have a problem.

First things first, let’s talk bees. While there are many different variations of bees, your typical and most commonly-seen bee is going to be fuzzy rather than smooth. Bees spend their time pollinating flowers, plants, and making honey, all of which we humans enjoy. That’s why if you have a hive of bees, rather than kill them, we will remove the nest and relocate the hive. Beehives are made of waxy substances and are usually triangular in shape.

Wasps are shiny and smooth, and they don’t have the fuzz bees do. Additionally, they are often longer and skinnier than bees. Wasps are also predatory and very protective of their hives, which are often up high in rafters, trees, or flowering bushes. Their hives are more spherical in shape and made of a paper-like material.

Hornets and yellow jackets are similar in appearance to wasps, but their hives are built underground and can extend for quite a while! You can often see many of the yellow jackets or hornets trying to crowd their way in or out of a certain spot in the ground. If you see these, call for professional pest services right away. These pests are venomous, do not like being disturbed, and will not take kindly to having their nest walked on, even by an innocent bystander like a family pet.

If you need professional pest services, contact BeeMan Stan today for the correct identification and removal of your pest problems.