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Beehive Removal 101: Common Places to Find a Colony

While bees are important to the ecosystem as pollinators, having a beehive on your property, especially within your home, could spell disaster. It’s extremely important to hire a professional for beehive removal to ensure that you and your family remain safe from stings.

Successful beehive removal begins with locating the hive. Sometimes, a beehive might be in plain sight. Other times, it will be hidden, but you’ll know it exists just from the presence of the bees. In this article, we would like to list some of the common places you might find a beehive.

  • Between siding- You might find a beehive between siding because the boards create a perfect nook for them to build a nest. In addition, any flowers you have around your house are probably located near your siding, which makes it an even more inviting place for bees.
  • Under decks- It wouldn’t be surprising to find a beehive beneath a deck because the environment is a dark and secluded area where the bees won’t be bothered.
  • Under eaves and soffits- Beehives are commonly found under eaves and soffits because this area provides some shade and is just the right size for building a nest. The bees may also like that it is an elevated area.
  • In hollow trees- Bees like dark cavities. It is easy for them to build a nest inside one, which is why it is common to find a beehive within a hollow tree.
  • In storage sheds- Bees don’t typically like to live in occupied structures, but a storage shed is rarely disturbed by people, so it is an excellent place for a beehive.

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