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At BeeMan Stan, we understand the importance of bees and the vital role they play. We also know that bees aren’t usually appreciated when they’ve chosen the wrong place for their hive, such as inside your home’s attic or walls. It might be tempting to just eradicate bees when this has happened, but we want you to know that our bee removal services make your home and family safe again while relocating the bees safely whenever possible so they can continue the vital role they play for humans and our planet. If you notice bees on your property, here are a few tips related to bee removal that can help you feel a bit less anxious.

Bee Removal Tips [infographic]

  • Determine Extent of Possible Harm– The first thing to do is decide if the bees represent a threatening or non-threatening concern. While a few bees feeding off your garden flowers isn’t threatening in most cases, if someone in your family has a severe bee allergy or you suspect they are carpenter bees that could damage the wood in your home, it is best to call for bee removal.
  • Determine Location of Hive– If you can tell where the beehive is located, this can help determine whether you need bee removal services. For example, if the bees have established themselves inside your home, such as in a chimney or up in the eaves, that is a problem that will likely continue to grow unless addressed. A hive in a tree at the back of your property may be less of a concern, but it is truly up to you whether to call for bee removal or not in this case.
  • Determine Species of Bees– We recommend calling on us whenever you have a stinging insect issue and leaving it to our professionals to determine if they are a beneficial bee that should be relocated or a problem species that can be humanely exterminated. We handle bee removal, as well as wasp removal, yellow jacket removal, and hornet removal.
  • When in Doubt, Call Us! Don’t attempt bee removal on your own as we are happy to “take a sting for you!” We back our bee removal with a full one-year warranty because we are thorough with our services to remove the chemical trail left behind that would potentially draw a new swarm.