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Bee Control: How to Prevent Problems with Bees
Have you ever noticed a large group of bees flying around in the spring and summer? This is likely a swarm looking for a new place to take up residence. As bee colonies populate, they begin to outgrow their current nest, so the group will split and while some stay and continue to look for pollen for their queen, the rest go off in search of a new place to colonize. In some cases, that may mean they could be heading towards your home or place of work.

Here at BeeMan Stan, we understand the importance of keeping a healthy bee population, but we also realize there are places that should be off limits for them to live. When you call us for bee control, we can help carefully and safely eradicate any existing bee problems and prevent future issues with our effective bee control.

For the most effective bee control, we recommend our quarterly service. We come to your home or work and inspect the property to see if there are any existing hives. If there is a hive, it is important it is removed completely to reduce potential for the bees returning. We then use ecofriendly sprays to keep the bees away. Along with our bee control service, there are other simple things you can do to prevent problems with bees. First, you’ll want to seal potential entry points. If you have a small hole in a window or wall, seal it with caulk or a metal screen to prevent bees from entering your home. Also, reduce outdoor clutter. Unused appliances and lawn equipment should be put away so that they don’t become shelter for bees.

For more questions about safe and effective bee control and prevention, give us a call at BeeMan Stan.