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Bee Control: Do It Yourself or Hire a Professional?

Bee control can be a tricky business. If you have a bee problem at your home or business, it is important to act immediately. Why? Bees can cause all kinds of problems, including:

  • Putting you, your family and/or your customers and employees at risk for stings (this can be especially serious if someone is allergic to bees)
  • If you have honeybees, the honey could potentially attract other pests
  • Physical damage or staining of your home or business structure

Bee control can either be done using DIY tactics or by hiring a professional. We have listed the pros and cons of each option below to help make your bee control decision a little easier.

Hiring a Professional


  1. There is zero risk of you being stung.
  2. A professional will have all of the proper gear, supplies, and sprays which will save you from having to purchase these items yourself.
  3. A professional will know exactly where to look for the bees’ nest, will correctly identify entry points, and can ensure that bees don’t return.


  1. Hiring a professional for your bee control needs will be more expensive that doing it yourself (although many people invest in supplies to do it themselves unsuccessfully and end up hiring a professional anyway).

DIY Bee Control


  1. Avoids cost of paying a professional.
  2. Allows you to solve your bee problem on your own time.


  1. DIY bee control puts you at risk for bee stings.
  2. It may be costly to invest in all of the needed equipment/supplies.
  3. Often unsuccessful, so you end up hiring a professional anyway.
  4. Risk bees returning, because of incomplete removal.
  5. Damage to environment as bees are critical to our ecosystem. In most cases, bees should be relocated rather than killed, and this is very difficult to do correctly without professional help.