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A Bee-Lovers Guide to Bee Removal

Bees are amazing little creatures. Their unique ability to pollinate different plants helps to keep our food and flower life cycle vibrant. As of late, bees have been on the decline and many humans are doing all they can to help increase the number of bee populations. If you have a bee swarm or infestation in your home or business and need bee removal, we have listed our professional bee removal tips for all bee-lovers.

  1. Call a beekeeper. Many beekeepers will help you with bee removal free of charge. Beekeepers are great resources because instead of killing the bees with chemicals, they will cut out the honeycomb and transfer it to a hive box. Beekeepers also have all of the protective clothing needed to protect themselves while working directly with bees.
  2. Hire a professional. Due to the decline in bee populations, many professionals will also relocate bee nests instead of killing the bees. Furthermore, a professional can help ensure that bees don’t return, ensuring permanent bee removal.
  3. Vinegar spray. Some DIY-ers have had success with vinegar spray. This is a great option because instead of using harmful pesticides, you are using all-natural ingredients. If you choose this method, be cautious to protect yourself from stings when in proximity to the bees by wearing protective clothing and gear.

Here at BeeMan Stan, we offer bee removal services in Central and West Florida. We are committed to providing superior bee removal customer service. Give us a call today for all of your bee removal needs.