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3 Reasons You Should Hire a Bee Removal Service

Bees are little, but they pack a punch with those little stingers. If you have a bee problem and you don’t want to deal with it yourself, you need to hire a bee removal service. Even if you aren’t scared of bees, it is recommended that you hire a bee removal service anyway, and here are three reasons why.

1.  What’s in the Hive? Yes, you are getting rid of stinging insects, but unless you are a professional at identifying species, you won’t know what type you are up against until you are up close and personal with the hive. You might have wasps, which will attack the moment they think you are a threat. A single wasp can send out a pheromone to the rest of them, which will then initiate a swarm ready to attack. Wasps also can sting as many times as they want, unlike honeybees that die after one sting. Honeybees are gentler, but their sting can still hurt just as much. Our bee removal service will be able to identify what type of stinging insect they are dealing with, and we have the knowledge and correct equipment to get the job done.

2.  Right the First Time. A beehive can be difficult to remove, especially if the hive was built into a crack, an opening, or hard-to-reach corner. Some hives can expand into your walls from the outside. If a hive isn’t fully removed, there is a chance of bee recolonization. A bee removal service has the right tools to remove the beehive completely and efficiently so you don’t have to worry about bees coming back to that spot.

3.  Cost and Convenience . If you can’t get rid of the bees yourself the first time around, it is going to be an ongoing problem. This can cost you a lot of time and money. It is best to get it done right the first time by hiring a bee removal service and save yourself the cost and hassle.

Don’t waste precious time trying to take care of your bee problem yourself. Call us today at BeeMan Stan Bee Removal to handle all of your bee removal needs.