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Bee RemovalHaving a beehive on your property could pose a considerable threat to you and your family.

With BeeMan Stan, we’ll take the sting for you and can provide you with safe and effective bee removal services that you can trust. We have a passion for saving bees, so our bee removal service does not focus on extermination with harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Here’s why that matters:

  1. Save the Bees– It’s no secret that the bee population in the world is drastically dwindling. The declining bee populations pose a huge threat to our environment, and especially to global agriculture, as honeybees are responsible for pollinating ⅓ of all food grown worldwide. Our bee removal services focus on collecting the bees in a bee box or bee vacuum and relocating the beehive to a nearby apiary, to preserve the hive and save the bees.
  2. Risk of Swarming– Bee removal without professional clothing and equipment is an incredible risk. By attempting bee removal on your own, you could inadvertently aggravate the bees, causing them to swarm and exposing yourself to the risk of being stung by hundreds of bees. Bee removal is a difficult job that should always be left to the experts to ensure you don’t damage the beehive and aggravate the bees.
  3. You Could Damage Your Property– With over 30 years of experience in construction, at BeeMan Stan we combine our passion for saving the bees with a keen attention to preserving your property. We often see bee colonies in a home’s siding and soffit material, and without a professional assessment the removal of the beehive can cause a lot of damage to your property.

Our professional services also guarantee that the area will not be infested again as we take the proper precautions to ensure your St. Petersburg, Florida property stays bee free with a one-year guarantee.