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3 Essential Steps in Successful Bee Removal

Are bees important pollinators that are vital to the ecosystem? Of course they are. Does that mean you want them living in eaves, your walls, or your yard? Probably not. Although bees are not aggressive unless they are defending their hive, they can still be a threat to your health and peace of mind. The last thing you want is to get stung or for your kids and pets to get stung, so one of the first things on your mind should be bee removal.

No matter what type of pest needs removal, it’s important for the removal to be extremely thorough. Eliminating only some of the pests may leave the problem unresolved, and you’ll be back at square one. Luckily, professionals know how to remove bees successfully. Here are three essential steps in successful bee removal:

  1. Identify the Bees- You can’t remove bees successfully if you don’t know what type of bees you’re dealing with. That’s why bee removal professionals will take the time to find out which kind of bees is on your property. Carpenter bees, for instance, require a very different approach from honey bees or bumble bees.
  2. Suit Up- Even if you don’t have allergies to bees, you don’t want to get stung. Bee stings are painful, and it’s best to avoid them as much as possible. To remove bees successfully, bee removal professionals wear protective clothing and gloves.
  3. Prevent Their Return- Prevention is key once all the bees are gone. It’s important to clean up any honeycomb, remove items that might attract bees, and seal up entrances that may allow bees to find their way into your home.