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Hornet Removal, Bradenton, FL

We can provide safe and effective hornet removal in Bradenton.

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Never attempt to remove or spray a hornet’s nest on your own. Hornets are aggressive and will attack. Bee Man Stan is licensed and certified to remove all aggressive stinging insects, including hornets and killer bees. Call us at (727) 744-1527 for hornet removal in Bradenton.

Hornet Removal in Bradenton – Looking up and discovering or stepping in a hornet’s nest can be entrancing . . . until you realize the threat that these stinging insects can pose! If you are worried that you have an active hornet habitat at your home or business, the best thing you can do is call in the professionals. When you contact our team at BeeMan Stan, you can expect high-quality hornet removal services that will give you peace of mind!

Although your first inclination might be to knock down the nest, this could really bring about the wrath of the hornets that live there. Instead, allow our team at BeeMan Stan to provide safe and effective hornet removal and apply the necessary treatments to discourage hornets from returning to your property in Bradenton, Florida. Our job is to make sure that nests are safely removed, and we can often complete this job the same day you call, or within 24 hours. We know that hornet removal can be a daunting task, but we have the experience and expertise to ensure that you get the best outcome.

If you have questions about hornet removal or you have discovered an active nest, contact us at BeeMan Stan today for more information. We are licensed and insured, and offer a one-year warranty on cleanout services. We also use eco-friendly products that are designed to provide long-term results at your home or business. You’ll see why we are your number one choice for pest services.

Call us at (727) 744-1527 for hornet removal in Bradenton.

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Hornets build their nests with a paper-like, flaky, material they produce from their saliva and wood pulp.

What is a Hornet?

There are two types of hornet common in the Bradenton area, the Bald Faced Hornet and the European hornet. Hornets are very similar to yellow jackets, both of which are subspecies of wasps. The bald faced hornet is mostly black with yellowish white marking on its thorax and around its eyes and mandibles. The European hornet is a larger hornet with a yellow abdomen and brown thorax and head. Both hornets are social creatures, and like bees and yellow jackets have a queen hornet. Hornets are relatively passive but will attack if they are provoked.

Unlike yellow jackets, who nest underground and are often difficult to see until it is too late, hornets prefer to nest high up, in trees, building overhangs, and holes in walls and tree trunks. Because of Bradenton’s warm climate, hornets are fairly active and will scavenge for food often. Hornets and yellow jackets share a desire for sweet fruits and rotting meat and will often leave their hive to forage. Hornet hives are also similar to a yellow jacket hive. Hornets chew wood to great a pulp which they use to create a series of cells on the inside, with a covering on the outside, looking similar to a paper-mache balloon.

Hornets are predatory hunters as well, and can be used to kill insects that destroy crops and ornamental plants. Because they are useful but also dangerous, do not try to remove the hornet hive from the tree or porch they might have nested on. Call BeeMan Stan to come and safely remove the hornets from your Bradenton home.

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Hornet removal Lakeland

Aggressive bees, like hornets and yellow jackets, will eat other bees and large flies.

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We offer hornet removal seven days a week and accept all forms of payments. Contact us today for hornet removal in Bradenton.


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