Commercial Bee Removal, Florida Posted by Stan Roberts July 8th, 2020

Commercial Bee Removal, Florida

Commercial bee removal available throughout central Florida.

Commercial Bee Removal in Florida – We regularly work with HOA’s, tree removal companies, property managers, and construction managers. We provide bee removal in hard to reach and unusual areas, including high locations that require lifts. You can also take advantage of our monthly or quarterly treatments to keep your property save from future bee problems.

BeeMan Stan has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry which allows bee removals from attics, soffits, and chimneys to be efficient and safe. During the bee removal process, we may need to remove siding and soffit material to access the bee colony and remove honeycombs. The good news is that once this part of the job is complete, we apply the appropriate products to prevent the return of bees, wasps and yellow jackets for the future. Because we also incorporate exclusion work into our bee removal services, we can ensure that a colony won’t try to reestablish itself in the same area again.

If you suspect you have a bee problem, or if you are ready to schedule bee removal services at your business, give us a call at BeeMan Stan, and we’ll be there to help you right away! We have an excellent one-year warranty on our cleanout services, and we’ll work with you to take back your property inside and out.


Bee Removal

BeeMan Stan is a licensed and certified pest control operator serving central and west Florida.



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