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About BeeMan Stan, Clearwater, FL

Stan has been in the residential and commercial construction industry since 1984. He has been a framer/carpenter, painting contractor, construction manager and maintenance contractor in central and south Florida for over 30 years. His first hand knowledge of buildings, roof structures, and wall systems allow him to locate bee colonies and remove hives with minimal damage to your property.

Contractors, property managers, and municipal mangers: We have extensive commercial experience and can operate aerial equipment and have high reach capabilities. Our work vehicles are off road capable and fully self contained with electric and water for remote area access.

In addition to his passion for saving bees, Stan is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys scouting the Green Swamp and offshore boating. He and his wife recently celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary. In his spare time, Stan enjoys spending time with his growing family including his several grandchildren.

Call BeeMan Stan today for all of your bee removal and wasp removal needs at  (863) 944-1367 or (727) 744-1527. You can also e-mail BeeManStanFL@gmail.com

Let us help with your bee problem!

Bee removal

Rely on BeeMan Stan to take care of all your bee and wasp removal needs. We use safe, effective removal and treatment procedures to help ensure nests are relocated or safely removed.

Services we provide:

  • Residential Bee Removal We will ensure that all bees, hornets, wasps and yellow jackets are eradicated from your home and yard.
  • Commercial Bee RemovalWe have extensive commercial experience and can operate aerial equipment to provide high-reach capabilities when you need bee removal at your business.
  • Beehive RemovalDon’t try to remove a beehive from your property by yourself—let our experts do it instead. We’ll take a sting for you!
  • Bees in HouseIf you have bees in your attic, under your house, or anywhere in between, call on us for immediate help.
  • Hornet RemovalWe can provide safe and effective hornet removal and apply the necessary treatments to discourage hornets from returning to your property.
  • Wasp Removal We know how to give you peace of mind with wasp removal services that ensure nests are safely removed.
  • Yellow Jacket Removal When you call in our professionals for yellow jacket removal, we’ll put on the proper equipment and use safe and effective removal and treatment procedures.
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions – We’ll spray the eaves of your home with an eco-friendly product that prevents stinging insects from rebuilding their nests.

Bee Removal

BeeMan Stan is a licensed and certified pest control operator serving central and west Florida.