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Live Bee Removal & Re-location

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Professional Bee and Wasp Removal

Professional Bee and Wasp Removal

Rely on BeeMan Stan Bee Removal to take care of all your bee and wasp removal needs. We use safe, effective removal and treatment procedures to help ensure nests are relocated or safely removed. We offer competitive pricing and can complete most jobs within 24 hours, many within the same day.

Bee Man Stan

Bee Man Stan is licensed and certified to remove all stinging insects.

Bee Removal Services Tailored To Your Needs

At BeeMan Stan Bee Removal, we offer affordable and effective bee removal services.

At BeeMan Stan Bee Removal, we offer bee and wasp removal services in central and west Florida. We specialize in removing any stinging insects, such as bees, wasps, and yellow jackets, along with their hives or nests. With over 1,000 jobs completed, Bee Man Stan and the rest of our team are licensed and insured to practice the art of pest control for homes and businesses in the state of Florida.

Are you a contractor, property manager or municipal manager looking for solutions due to persistent stinging insect issues?
Our team at BeeMan Stan Bee Removal has extensive commercial experience and can operate aerial equipment to provide high-reach capabilities when you need pest services at your business. Our work vehicles are off-road capable and fully self-contained with electric and water for remote area access.

Additionally, with our quarterly treatments, we can help you more easily keep bees, hornets, wasps and yellow jackets away. We’ll knock down all nests and spray the eaves of your home or business with an eco-friendly product that provides long-lasting results. We will also inspect the perimeter of your property and prohibit the further intrusion of stinging insects, deterring them from rebuilding nests. We ensure that all stinging pests are eradicated by the time we’re done.

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With a one-year warranty on our cleanout services, you can rely on us to take care of all your stinging insect problems in Clearwater, Saint Petersburg, Lakeland and surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule services and to learn more about how we can assist you. We’ll take a sting for you!

In Need of Bee Removal?

Why Choose BeeMan Stan?

  • We offer a one-year warranty — On all of our pest services and cleanouts, we offer an impressive one-year warranty. If you run into a bee problem in the same location after we remove the bee hive, we will come back and redo the work free of charge.
  • We’re experienced — 30 years of experience in construction combined with nearly a decade of bee removal gives Stan an advantage over the competition. It is this experience that truly sets us apart and makes us one of the most sought-after bee removal providers in the area.
  • We know how to remove bees with minimal damage — When you find a beehive, you may wonder if it can be removed without doing considerable damage to your property. Our knowledge of roof structures, wall systems, and buildings in general allows us to eliminate beehives while doing minimal damage to the surrounding area.
  • We provide superior customer service — We care about your satisfaction (take a look at our Google reviews!) which is why we’ll work hard to earn your trust when we provide bee removal services. If you have questions at any point, we’d be more than happy to answer them. Contact us today for bee removal in Clearwater.
  • We work around the clock Weekends, holidays, and after hour calls are not a problem for us. Call us right now and we WILL answer!
  • Certified and Insured — BeeMan Stan Bee Removal is a Certified Pest Control Operator exceeding all requirements from the Florida Department of Agriculture. We also come prepared with a strong liability insurance policy, providing you additional confidence when we are working on your property.
Bee Removal Clearwater

Another successful bee removal

BeeMan Stan Bee Removal is licensed, insured, and certified by the Florida Department of Agriculture to practice bee removal in Clearwater, Saint Petersburg, Lakeland and surrounding areas. Please take a minute to check out our Google reviews and see what our customers have to say about us:

Bee Removal Orlando
Bee Removal Orlando

Bee Removal Orlando

Bee Removal Orlando

My husband had gotten stung five times in the last three weeks mowing the yard. First time in 31 years that had happened. He saw the source was coming from our front landscaping. So he went and bought two of the best cans of wasp spray ready to do battle. I was at work when my kids called and said, “Dad has been stung by wasps and he is in pretty bad shape.” By the time I got home, I found him diaphoretic, vomiting, ashen in color and wanting to know when the ambulance was coming! He had sprayed the wasps and they came out like a cloud after him. He turned to run and tripped and fell. He was stung 14 times before he could get away. The ER docs said he was having a toxic reaction. He was a mess. While waiting in the hospital, we Googled all sorts of places. My daughter found BeeMan Stan. I texted him and called and left a message. It was Labor Day (I work as a nurse), but I was shocked when I got a call from Stan while we were in the hospital! He said my husband was very lucky. He would be out the next day! I was so grateful! He came out. He used chemicals, wore a complete suit and did his thing. He said the hole was 12” by 12”, and there were eight combs inside it about the size of medium pizzas and about 8,000 yellow jackets! He told us that yellow jackets never lose their stingers and when attacked, they become very aggressive. My husband is very lucky and doing well now. And we were very lucky we found BeeMan Stan! I highly recommend him.
Lora G.

Bee Removal Tampa

Bee Removal from inside the wall of a shed.

Bee removal Tampa

We can remove bee hives from trees and other hard to reach places that require lifts or other aerial equipment. Call us at (727) 744-1527 for any bee removal needs.

Honey bees are often the biggest nuisance because they like to build their bee hive in walls and roofs. However, honey bees are an important part of the ecosystem so it is important to always save the bees and relocate when possible. Honey bees will build a honeycomb to house their larvae and to store their honey and pollen. Within the first week, a honeycomb can weigh around three pounds and can continue to grow by up to a pound per day.  When honey bees build their hive in your house, it is important to remove the honeycomb in addition to just the bees. If the honeycomb is not removed, it could attract new swarms of bees. Bee Man Stan Bee Removal has removed honeycombs from under floors, water heater boxes, attics, and other unique areas. We always do our part to save the bees throughout Florida.

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bees in house

A bee hive we removed from under the floor of a barn.


Bee Removal Clearwater

A swarm of bees

Bee removal available seven days a week and all forms of payments accepted.

Bee Removal Clearwater by Bee Man Stan

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